Past exhibition
Christian Garcia Bello
Ahora no es pretérito todavia
September 14 - November , 2017
Press release
Within the programme of APERTURA 2017, Christian García Bello (A Coruña,
1986) will present the exhibition “Ahora no es pretérito todavía” , his
second solo show of at FORMATOCOMODO in which he will present his new
works about the individual and its own temporal and spatial scales. The
exhibition takes as a starting point the human's longing for the
imperishable, as well as the “Philosophical study of time”, taken from the
“Confessions” by Saint Augustine of Hippo, putting the human being and its
perception at the center of the game board. Thus, García Bello works with
concepts such as temperature, conservation and patina of sculptures and
drawings, through a strategy that tends to asceticism.
García Bello works in various techniques that include sculpture,
installation and drawing. He investigates different themes around the
individual, his scale, and the landscape he inhabits. He has addressed
these issues from the relationship between landscape and saudade, from the
perception of the horizon line or from the research on the operational
definition of shelter as a patient space and its minimal expression. His
formal and discursive strategies tend to swim between analytical
simplification, formal reductionism, the poetry of the materials and the
tensions of the transcendental. His method of work is based on a process
of decryption and re-encryption by which he attempts to elaborate new
abstract and complex nodal constructions from the previous extraction of
essential meaning units with poetic value.
Visual artist, graduated in Fine Arts and Master’s degree in Contemporary Art at
the University of Vigo (Spain), Christian García Bello has had, since 2006,
various solo exhibitions in Madrid, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela. and
Madrid, and participated in numerous group exhibitions in others cities such as
Porto, Braga, Palma, Málaga, Madrid o Vigo. His works can be found in collections
like DKV, Navacerrada or the Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo. He has been
selected and won several prizes, such as the ones organized by the Auditorio de
Galicia or the María José Jove Foundation. He also received grants from the MAC
Gas Natural Fenosa, or INJUVE