SEP 28 2019 - Daniel Boccato


Gillian Ayres / Pamela Bartlett / Sandra Blow
Daniel Boccato / Howard Dyke / Dominic Kennedy
David Ostrowski / Kes Richardson


28 de Septiembre — 9 de Noviembre 
Bad Actors is a painting exhibition that takes its cue from Pirandello’s play Six Characters in Search of an Author. The play calls into question the nature of reality, artifice and authenticity. Each artist will present one significant painting. All the paintings are ambitious in scale, either sharing or exceeding the proportions of the human body. They will be displayed informally – propped, wedged, or hung from the columns of the gallery – asserting a physical presence in the space. This exposes both the factual human activity of their making and the illusion of the picture plane, or the work’s character. Each painting utters a private monologue. These utterances will connect across the space to create interactions and a constantly shifting story.
AGO 4 2019 - Engel Leonardo
Engel Leonardo proposes for the balcony of MAC Niterói the sample of a series of colored sculptures that have their origin in the drawings of Flávio de Carvalho. With its balcony as a privileged place - that certainly recalls the panoramic use of a lighthouse - each of the sections of the building will receive a sculpture that comes from the various elements extracted from Carvalho's project: door and tiles, in addition to the guacos and palms designed by the Brazilian architect.

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MAC Niterói

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 14 - August 4, 2019

Winner of the IV Prize Cervezas Alhambra with his project Almuqárbas  
The Almuqárbas project proposes a contemporary rethinking of the Mozarabic through with the design of a new module based on the poetic and geometric significance of the Alhambra of Granada.
JUL 20 2019 - Engel Leonardo
The relations between the human and the history, the architecture and the material culture are some of the central topics in the work of Engel Leonardo. His production is usually based on research on modern tropical architecture, stories repressed by modernity, and the transmission of indigenous and African knowledge through objects generally seen as handcrafted, folkloric or ethnographic.
In "Manoguayabo", the works use as a starting point the research on the work of Flavio de Carvalho and Lina Bo Bardi, as well as the painting "O lago" by Tarsila do Amaral and the traditional Dominican egg kills. Creating a conversation with the viewer which is developed through the use of structures of geometric character and modernist ancestry, Leonardo seeks to reinterpret elements of the nature of the Caribbean and the tropics; a reduction of forms, colors, and relationships that account for an immensely rich but equally complex context.
JUL 17 2019 - Daniel Boccato

July 25 - September
Mister Fahrenheit
New York
Lo Perfecto. Arriba* En

RODRIGUEZ-MENDEZ carries out an editorial and exhibition project for CICLÓN, coordinated by David Silva and Misha Bies.

Opening the 31 of July
Santiago de Compostela


The work of Rodríguez-Méndez analyzes the material principles of sculpture and the essential physical experience of man in projects that combine action and sculpture to explore the interaction or balance of energies between the two.
The artist's use of forms and materials such as cylinders, peat, oil, sound, words and the body are understood as intangible, as elementary or absolute geometries. These questions and conditions the processes of construction and decision making that leads to the final result.
Using languages of marginal influence in the exhibition space, Rodríguez-Méndez exploits the incorporation of materials and the open and latent state of their condition to configure a game of loss and restitution that testifies to the definitive and essential nature of life and change.

Lo Perfecto. Arriba* En
JUL 10 2019 - Sally Gutierrez
Margen de Error
SALLY GUTIERREZ y colectivo Declinacion Magnética

Bienal Sur
Montevideo y Lima
Margen de Error

Only a few months after its official opening, Museo Patio Herreriano presented an ambitious exhibition entitled Cuatro dimensiones, a project that seeked to survey the developments in the field of sculpture taking the works in the Colección de Arte Contemporáneo as a point of departure.

Una dimension ulterior, installed in five large rooms on the second and third floors of our Museum, takes that show as a reference in order to explore the developments in the field of sculpture up until our present day. It is formed by some of the works included back then and many belonging to contemporary artists working today. If Cuatro Dimensiones eluded the grand tales of Art History, Una dimensión ulterior seeks to enhance the value of minor histories. This is why we have chosen the indefinite article “Una” (“a”) instead of the definite article “La”  (“the”), because, as it is well known, there is no longer room for univocal readings of the art of our times, and the one we have here at stake is only one of many other possibilities. However, what we try to put forward here is our humble ambition to present some of today’s key aspects of sculptural practice.

Artistas participantes: Ignasi Aballí, Elena Aitzkoa, Elena Asins, Jorge Barbi, David Bestué, Elena Blasco, Jacobo Castellano, Jordi Colomer, June Crespo, Ángela de la Cruz, Patricia Dauder, Diego Delas, Pepe Espaliú, Ángel Ferrant, Nuria Fuster, Fernando García, Christian García Bello, Cristina Iglesias, Pello Irazu, Carlos Irijalba, Antoni Llena, Eva Lootz, Juan López, Asier Mendizabal, Mitsuo Miura, Itziar O  Okariz, Jaime Pitarch, Adolfo Schlosser, Fernando Sinaga, Teresa Solar, Julia Spínola y Susana Solano.

ABR 20 2019 - Mar Guerrero
Thinking about the gesture inevitably leads us to think about movement, a form of non-verbal communication in which the body, face or hands take the lead to transmit messages through other visible expressions. The gestural act implies a meaning, a determined intentionality that encloses a more complex reality, visible through small nuances enhanced by the instants experienced in shared contexts. This is where we question whether all space can be lived in terms of performativity, if the narrative of the gesture can be merged to amplify our links in a kind of new "affective management" that makes us participants in the spaces we now identify like ours. Reiterating the image to make it real is the basis of any performative process and is something also present in the symbolic construction, the alliance that exists between a signifier and a meaning.

Economías de la transferencia en otro(s) tiempo(s)

Fragmentos que Representan al Mundo 


Sala Carlos Pérez del Centre del Carme de València 
February - June, 2019

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MAR 9 2019 - Nacho Criado
El juego del arte
Rothko committed suicide in New York, 1970. The figure of the painter was then evoked by Nacho Criado in one of his first solo exhibitions in the Sen gallery in Madrid, with a series of works that were framed in the minimalist poetics and that supposed a radical break with the proposals of Madrid's art scene then. With this and other works of that show, the artist considered the installation, which would be one of the lines that would guide his later creation. This work also assumes the introduction of color in the minimalist scheme, and in fact, compared to the usual neutrality of minimalism, this piece by Criado based a good part of its meaning on the chromatic aspect.
The present work is constituted by several rectangular tables that, leaning on one another forming different angles and inclinations, reach the verticality in the wall. The tables create different strata or phases: a physical progression that affects the color in its luminosity and causes a series of gradations on the scale of the black, contained at its ends by the wood painted in red that act as a visual limit. Within the minimalist aesthetic in which this early work by Nacho Criado is included, innovative in the Spanish art scene, the dedication to Rothko acts as an evocation not only of the chromatic qualities of his painting, but also of an idea of ​​absolute art that Simón Marchán has defined as "contemplative, pure and reductionist, in which the real and the virtual are already counterbalanced".

El juego del arte
I say error / Digo error & The Perfect. On / Lo Perfecto. Arriba Llull

I say error / Digo error & The Perfect. On / Lo Perfecto. Arriba Llull
JUN 1 2018 - Miquel Mont
Traces et affects
Exposición de Miquel Mont .

Galerie de l’artothèque – Salle du Temple, place Notre-Dame, 35500 Vitré
Commissariat : Isabelle Tessier
Exposition visible du 2 juin au 16 septembre
Traces et affects
ABR 20 2018 - vítor Mejuto
critics´ picks ARTFORUM
For centuries, the education of painters revolved around scrutinizing masterpieces in order to grasp how their makers resolved problems of a purely technical nature. No one looks at painting as mercilessly, and with as little sense of metaphor, as a painter. In “Pintor en la corte,” (Painter in the Court), Vítor Mejuto revisitsDiego Velázquez,Antonello da Messina,Jaime Serra,Francisco Goya, andTitian, among others. Mejuto’s small-format paintings are concise and honed, to say nothing of elegant, reproductions of the geometric aspects of some of those masters’ works.Despite its schematic proposal, the show is friendly, even domestic, because the images distributed around the gallery are familiar. Particularly suggestive is the 2018 series “sepulcro vacío” (empty grave). These works, hung in a somewhat scattered way along a wall, explore how different painters have treated a space miraculously unfilled: the gravestone and the ditch. Initially inspired byJuan de Flandes’sResurrection of Lazarus, 1514–19, the series encompasses an assortment of tombs from over the course of art history that Mejuto has compiled. From these images, the artist has created paintings that are either imitations, interpretations, or inventions.

Viewers embark on a journey to decipher the fragments in Mejuto’s paintings: a swath of robe, a wedge of building, a piece of brocade. The small canvases, like lost puzzle pieces, conjure memories of complete masterpieces. Abounding with citations and suggestions, the exhibition reveals the contemporariness of the well-known images that form the basis of Western art. It is with good reason, then, that a number of titles reference burials and resurrections. Each generation pays, in its fashion, its debt to its ancestors.Translated from Spanish byJanie Brodie.Joaquín Jesús Sánchez
critics´ picks ARTFORUM
ABR 13 2018 - Daniel Boccato
Daniel Boccato, You are not a tree, Corrugate Contemporary, Ohio, US
Exhibitions Daniel Boccato , You are not a tree.
Daniel Boccato, You are not a tree, Corrugate Contemporary, Ohio, US
ABR 9 2018 - Daniel Boccato
Centinela exposición en TABACALERA
 Centinela is the project that Daniel Boccato presents specifically for the studies of Tabacalera. The ‘centinelas’ are watchful lions that are in a moment between action and inaction while they watch us carefully from their posts. Descending from the European heraldic traditions, it is common to find them today in gardens protecting the doors of contemporary homes, directing their gaze to whoever accesses them or thinks about doing so. Sitting on pedestals, these lions are concrete replicas of classic sculptures, this time perched on objects from another era that have lost their function over time. The classic white pedestal generally acts as a separation between the sculpture and the ground, between the object and the abject, art and architecture, high and low. The attention usually tends to focus on what is dynamic, while the static is usually in the background. Thus, when the sculpture becomes a constant and the support in a variable, the roles are inverted and the sculpture becomes a support for the pedestal. Daniel Boccato’s work explores the relationship between form and language, abstraction and figuration, constantly challenging the spectator's impulses to label, declare, categorize and differentiate. Unruly and even cumbersome, their pieces put to the test the limits of painting, sculpture and drawing, made with industrial materials such as agglomerates, concrete, polyester, as well as with ready-made objects,
presenting simple shapes of striking colors.
Centinela  exposición en TABACALERA
MAR 17 2018 - Justin Thompson
My paper is called The Medium is the Massage: Racialized Mediums
I am honored to be speaking atBlack Portraiture(s) IV: The Color of SilenceMarch 22-24 at Harvard. I am delivering a paper based on the past 8 years of research and interviews with artists of the African Diaspora.
My paper is called The Medium is the Massage: Racialized Mediums
My paper is called The Medium is the Massage: Racialized Mediums
MAR 16 2018 - Justin Thompson
project realized in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson f
Here is a recent project realized in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson for the Miller Gallery in Kutztown PA.The Antenna of the Raceis a media-based installation that centers on three conceptual foundations: engaging Marshall McCluhan’s theory on historic labor division as a primer for thriving in an ‘acoustic environment’, local Pennsylvanian history in the patenting of a device capable of the diffusion of public television and a critical deconstruction of authenticity and cultural appropriation. McCluhan’s examination of the simultaneity of the media assault sets the service culture as one of playing roles in contrast to specialization and literacy of a ruling class as pursuing goals, ultimately determining that the role players are more capable of thriving in a hyper saturated acoustic world given their forced adaptability.
project realized in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson f
MAR 4 2018 - Mar Guerrero




Mar Guerrero ha sido seleccionada para realizar una estancia en residencia en Art Center/South Florida, Miami. Esta residencia es una oportunidad que se ofreció a los artistas baleares participantes en el  programa de formación “Les Clíniques d’Es Baluard”, cuyo objetivo principal es fomentar la profesionalización del sector y facilitar las herramientas de análisis, conocimiento, recursos y seguimiento de la práctica creativa y de pensamiento desde el museo. Por ello, la residencia en el Art Center/South Florida constituye una gran oportunidad para conocer el contexto artístico de Miami así como los programas de formación de artistas desarrollados desde esta institución artística. Esta residencia es posible, además, gracias a la colaboración mantenida entre Es Baluard y el Illenc. La residencia tendrá lugar durante el mes de marzo de 2018 y permitirá participar a la artista en el Program for Applied Artistic Research.

MAR 4 2018 - Sally Gutierrez
Te acuerdas de Filipinas ?
La pelicula de Sally Gutirrez participa en la ficci, Festival internacional de cine de Cartagena de Indias .
la pelicula Ta  acorda Ba tú el Filipina forma parte de la coleccioón del Museo Nacional Centro de arte Reina Sofia .

Conflictos y dictaduras; colonizadores y colonizados; represión y ansias de libertad; totalitarismo y democracia, se reúnen en esta segunda versión de “La guerra y la paz”, ficciones y documentales que dejan oír voces, reclamos, preguntas, soluciones. Películas que se hacen cargo del lugar del cine no como un simple notario de la realidad sino como un instrumento de transformación.
Te acuerdas de Filipinas ?


Christian García Bello.

If Christian García Bello’s second show at this gallery seems to stage no major overhauls of his first, progress nonetheless lies within the reaffirmation of his perseverance. In this light, the exhibition represents a remarkable step forward in his still-young career. Titled, somewhat awkwardly, “Ahora no es pretérito todavía” (Now it is still not the past), the show reflects on how our relationship with time informs our perception of space. His drawings and sculptures share a precise blend of representation and abstraction, mathematical rhetoric and transcendent nebulousness, as he draws from rigorous classical humanism and from hazier Romantic movements in equal measure.

On entering the gallery, one easily detects the relevance of rhythm in his exquisite installation. It stems from a careful study of human proportions in the context of the gallery’s singular architecture. Drawing out our gaze, a vertical wooden form expands toward the wall, punctuated by both drawings and sculptures that share a distinctive ingredient: On all of them, thin layers of wax subtly accumulate to produce dense surfaces with an enthralling aura. They represent architectural motifs as well as shadows and hollow spaces, relentlessly swinging between the tangible and the ethereal. The three wooden sculptures on view are found objects that evolve into abstractions evoking a melancholic sense of longing, while unambiguously reflecting shapes and symbols drawn from traditional art of Galicia. Apathetic toward fuzzy trends and unnegotiably committed to austere formalism, García Bello understands his work as a body of complex textures providing a humble and serene take on the infinite.

— Javier Hontoria


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OCT 5 2017 - Mar Guerrero
Cosmic networks

is developing her project Cosmic networks at the Nirox Foundation (South Africa), within the residency program of El Ranchito de Matadero Madrid – AECID.

Dates:  October 2017

Cosmic  networks
SEP 22 2017 - Ana Esteve Reig
Ganadora de una de las 10 l becas BBVA  Multiverso a la Creación en Videoarte en la convocatoria 2017, para llevar a cabo su proyecto La Pantalla Mágica.

La comisión evaluadora ha estado presidida por Chus Martínez, directora del Instituto de Arte de la Academy of Art and Design de Basilea, e integrada por Laura Baigorri,  Eugeni Bonet,  Nuria Enguita,; Karin Ohlenschläger, María Pallier, Manuel Segade, ; Blanca de la Torre, y Virginia Torrente,
Seleccionamos aquí diez exposiciones que no deben faltar en este primer recorrido galeristico.
La segunda muestra individual en la galería Formato Cómodo de Christian García Bello (La Coruña,
1986) toma como punto de partida el Estudio filosófico del tiempo recogido en las Confesiones de San
Agustín y su definición del hombre como centro del universo. A partir de ahí, García Bello trabaja
con escultura y dibujo, tomando como escala de trabajo su cuerpo y como referente el paisaje y
la arquitectura más esencial
Seleccionamos  aquí diez exposiciones que no deben faltar en este primer recorrido galeristico.
SEP 8 2017 - Engel Leonardo
participate in the exhibition PODIUM, at the Instituto de Visión of Bogotá.
SEP 7 2017 - Daniel Boccato
Gallery weekend Bruselas

presents his new solo exhibition nut, nuts, nut job at the gallery Sorry we're closed in Brussels.

Fechas: 7 de Septiembre - 28 de Octubre 2017 

Gallery weekend Bruselas
JUL 17 2017 - Ana Esteve Reig
Tracing utopia

Somewhere. nowhere. Utopia. 


Twelve young emerging curators from China and Germany will stage a joint exhibition following the traces of "Utopia". Inspired by their research on the contemporary curatorial practice at the documenta 14 in Kassel and Skulptur Projekte in Münster the team explores utopian thinking in matters of space and time by means of visual arts, installations, performances and interventions in the outdoor and indoor space.

The two-part exhibition will be presented at Starke Foundation in Berlin-Grunewald as well as at Zentrum für Kunst und Öffentlichen Raum and Schlosspark Biesdorf. 

Participating artists:
Dominik Annies, Chen Baiyi, Janosch Becker, Florian Birk,Juan Blanco, Felipe Duarte, Shi Fu, Philipp Hainke, Lisa Herzog, Fangling Huang, Qin Lingsen, Luo Qiang, Li Quing, Ana Esteve Reig, Natalia Irina Roman, Felipe Sánchez, Liu Shihao, André Stache, Deo Gisa Brian Senyondo, Annika Stoll, Daniel Theis, Sabine Maria Voltz, Victoria Wald, Tao Xia, Yan Xiang, Ligeng Zhang


Tracing utopia
JUN 21 2017 - Engel Leonardo
20th Sesc_Videobrasil

Associação Cultural Videobrasil and Sesc São Paulo announce the list of artists who will be participating in the 20th Sesc_Videobrasil Contemporary Art Festival, one of the leading plataforms for contemporary art in the Global South, to be held from October 2017 through January 2018 in São Paulo. Nearly 2,000 artists from 109 countries submitted works during the Open Call for the 20th Festival. The Brazilians Ana Pato, Beatriz Lemos and Diego Matos, and the Portuguese João Laia collaborated with the chief curator Solange Farkas, and were responsible for selecting the 50 artists from 25 countries who will showcase their works in this new edition.

Engel Leonardo

20th Sesc_Videobrasil

 5 de mayo 21 de julio

LUGAR: Museo Municipal de Lalín

ARTISTAS: Emilio Araúxo, Misha Bies Golas, Emma Crichton, Manuel Eirís, Tamara Feijoo, Christian García Bello, Irene Grau, Rubén Grilo, Carlos Maciá, Álvaro Negro, Carme Nogueira, Kiko Pérez, Alejandra Pombo, Bandia Ribeira, Lua Ribeira, Rodríguez-Méndez, Armindo Salgueiro, Diego Santomé, Xoan Torres, Damián Ucieda e Diego Vites.

Dende o Panóptico: Cada cela unha fiestra.
participa en la muestra Dende o Panóptico: Cada cela unha fiestra.

La exposición O Vello Cárcere de Lugo. Da guerra á posguerra está compuesta por un libro de memorias, notas y cartas de los presos a las familias, entre otros. También forma parte de ella la recreación de una celda individual en la época de la guerra

13 artistas repiensan desde la actualidad la Vieja Cárcel. Para eso, la muestra Dende o panóptico: cada cela unha fiestra, que reúne por primera vez una serie de trabajos de diferentes figuras del arte gallega

Para recuperar la memoria de las mujeres antifascistas borradas de la historia, el módulo femenino acogerá la exposición itinerante Vermellas (Chamábanlles rojas). Se componen de 20 paneles con textos.

Fechas: A partir del 28 de Abril, Centro Sociocultural O Vello Carcere de Lugo.
Dende o Panóptico: Cada cela unha fiestra.
The perfect on
The Perfect on .
Rodriguez-Mendez curador Angel Calvo Ulloa.
El resultado del trabajo en la residencia Paulo Reis .

The perfect on
MAR 14 2017 - Engel Leonardo
A round-up of the best shows in the Spanish capital ahead of this year's edition of ARCO, which opens tomorrow BY JULIA MORANDEIRA ARRIZABALAGA FIREZE.COM
Critic’s Guide: Madrid A round-up of the best shows in the Spanish capital ahead of this year's edition of ARCO, BY JULIA MORANDEIRA ARRIZABALAGA FIREZE.COM

Engel Leonardo, ‘Ansapit’
Galería Formato Comodo
4 February - 31 March

Engel Leonardo’s practice performs a difficult balancing act: synthesizing Caribbean geography and visual culture without reducing its complexity. Research into the craft aesthetics of his native Dominican Republic manifests through several forms. Titled ‘Ansapit’, the Creole name for one of the four main land crossings from Haiti, the show shares the name with a dress piece whose pattern documents the popular architecture of the region. Leonardo’s Vevés paintings made with plantain juice and depicting abstracted voodoo symbols, and his Lista series, which transforms traditional basketwork found in the borderlands between the Republic and Haiti, further explore porous limits: between neighbouring countries, art and design, and high modernism and a craft vernacular.

A round-up of the best shows in the Spanish capital ahead of this year's edition of ARCO, which opens tomorrow  BY JULIA MORANDEIRA ARRIZABALAGA  FIREZE.COM
FEB 9 2017 - Javier Campano
Campano en color

Campano en color
" menos un modo provisional de asentarse en un lugar"

" menos un modo provisional de asentarse en un lugar" - Del 14 de diciembre al 22 de enero - Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) y del 20 de enero al 28 de febrero - Montehermoso (Vitoria-Gasteiz)
La exposición …al menos un modo provisional de asentarse en un lugar es el resultado del programa Komisario Berriak, iniciativa de DSS2016EU en colaboración con Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), Tabakalera (Donostia), Artium y Montehermoso (Vitoria-Gazteiz) que apoya la formación de nuevos comisarios. En estas tres ciudades han tenido lugar a lo largo de 2016 los encuentros en formato de laboratorios en torno a las prácticas curatoriales que concluyen con esta muestra

Artistas: Allora & Calzadilla, Emilio Araúxo, Pedro Barateiro, Zigor Barayazarra, Josu Bilbao, Alex Cecchetti, Lúa Coderch, Janice Kerbel, Irene Kopelman, Louisa Martín, Amaia Molinet, Enrique Radigales, Rodríguez-Méndez, Eriz Moreno, Eulàlia Rovira & Adrian Schindler y Tina Vukasović.

Equipo curatorial de Komisario Berriak: Valerio Del Baglivo, Ángel Calvo Ulloa, Irati Irulegi, Laura Diez, Leyre Goikoetxea, Natasha Kadin, Pilar Cruz, Iker Fidalgo, Sonia Fernández Pan y Juan Luis Toboso. Acompañados por Aimar Arriola, Tamara Díaz Bringas y Sabel Gavaldón.

DIC 16 2016 - Engel Leonardo
Bienal Tropical

Bienal Tropical
NOV 10 2016 - Sally Gutierrez
Multiverso, Exposición Ayudas Audiovisual BBVA 
 Exposición de los proyectos realizados con la Ayudas al Audiovisual de la Fundación BBVA.
Con la ayuda de esta beca he realizado su película  Sally Gutierrez - Ta Acorda Ba Tu EL Filipinas?,
NOV 6 2016 - Nacho Criado
Works from Nacho Criado will be presented at the Juan March Foundation in the exhibition
Works from Nacho Criado will be presented at the Juan March Foundation in the exhibition
  • Escuchar con los ojos. Arte sonoro en España, 1961-2016

The exhibition Listening with the eyes, Sound Art in Spain (1961-2016) was created thanks to the invited curators José Iges and José Luis Maire, and with the collaboration of many other artists and experts. Its aim is to show the origins, the diversity of the trajectories and the vitality of the Art Sound made in Spain since 1961.

Through the extended range of more than 400 selected works and a large documentary material, the exhibition wants to make visible (and above all audible) the sound organised with artistic criterias in Spain, even in times (during the 60's and 70's) when the proper term “Sound Art” hadn't been created yet.

Dates: October 14th, 2016 - January 15th, 2017
Works from Nacho Criado will be presented at the Juan March Foundation in the exhibition
OCT 4 2016 - Daniel Boccato
Loup Sarion + Daniel Boccato
Asphalte Charleroi

High on Place de la Digue stands the elegant outline of a figure. Sometimes it appears to be sleeping. At others, it is dancing. This sculpture, neither man nor woman, neither adult nor child, has been inspired by giants. Just as we dress up folkloric characters to suit the season, this figure transforms as the year progresses. At once a public bench, an esplanade and a family-sized picnic table, the giant is a meeting point, but it is also a collection of climbable shapes of different heights. As a deconstructed puppet, each part of the Géant de la Digue’s body is interchangeable: the hand can easily become a crown, or the leg a sword.

Asphalte Charleroi
Loup Sarion + Daniel Boccato
JUL 10 2016 - Miquel Mont
Non figuratif — un regain d’intérêt ?
Exposición colectiva comisariada por Caroline Bissière & Jean-Paul Blanchet
con los artistas : Miquel Mont. Farah Atassi, Francis Baudevin, Vincent Beaurin,
Lisa Beck, Trudy Benson, Martin Bissière, Jessica Stockholder, Soizic Stokvis,
Blair Thurman, Delphine Trouche, Janaina Tschäpe, Emmanuelle Villard, Sophie Whettnall, Wallace Whitney,
Peter Zimmermann .

Non  figuratif   — un regain  d’intérêt ?
JUL 5 2016 - Nacho Criado

8 de julio al 2 de octubre 2016.



En torno a los problemas epistemológicos y visuales que propone Elegía de un viaje de Sokurov y a partir de otras obras emblemáticas de la Colección CGAC —Mona Hatoum, Liam Gillick, José Pedro Croft o Nacho Criado—, se plantean contextos de acompañamiento y diálogo con obras de otras colecciones públicas e privadas asociadas o vinculadas de alguna manera con el CGAC. 



-        See more at:


MAY 31 2016 - Miquel Mont
Distanced Traces
FORMATOCOMODO presents the performance:

May 31st at 9pm.«Trazas Distanciadas» (Distanced traces) is a reflection around a serie of projected images, taking the form of perfomative conference. It builds itself according to a free association between images and ideas, contrasting so with the analytic constructions of the ruling discourses and its rhetorical patterns. Privileging the sensible, the subjective -that belong to the perception as pattern and place of the knowledge’s subject-, and relating it with the economic, social and aesthetic order of our time.
Distanced Traces
MAY 21 2016 - Nacho Criado
Sound Art in Spain (1961–2016)

Sound Art in Spain (1961–2016)

February 10 – May 21, 2016

The exhibition spaces: Palma, Cuenca and Madrid

Sound Art in Spain (1961–2016) traces the origins, history, diversity and vitality of the sound art produced in Spain from 1961 to the present. By means of the range and variety of works selected and extensive documentation, it purports to make visible (and, above all, audible) the ways in which sound has been employed to create artistic works in this country as far back as the 1960s and 1970s – decades before the term 'sound art' was coined to describe this phenomenon.

In addition to providing a fresh look at works from the foundation's own collection, Sound Art in Spain (1961–2016) will highlight the contributions of Zaj, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina and Lugán (Luis García Nuñez), whose pioneering experimental and cross-disciplinary works paved the way for the emergence of sound art as a genre, as well as an overview of works by a wide variety of other artists such as Walter Marchetti, Juan Muñoz, Francisco López, José Antonio Orts, Eduardo Polonio, Esther Ferrer, Juan Hidalgo, Wolf Vostell, Javier Aguirre, Nacho Criado, Francesc Abad, Eugènia Balcells and Eugeni Bonet.

Sound Art in Spain (1961–2016)
MAY 6 2016 - Daniel Boccato
The New york times .ART REVIEW
Daniel Boccato´s ´Blogface´at formatocomodo

NADA Art Fair Offers the Wacky and the Political, Plus Basketball, The New York Times
 The New york times .ART REVIEW
MAR 3 2016 - Nacho Criado
ARCO 2016

Obra de Nacho Criado. Galería Formato Cómodo. Stand 9C02. Recomienda: Elena Vozmediano
Son las cruces en nuestro particular mapa de ARCO 2016. Para no perdernos entre la gran variedad de obra que muestran las 221 galerías que participan en esta edición, nuestros críticos Elena Vozmediano, Rocío de la Villa, Mariano Navarro, Bea Esejo, David G. Torres y Sema D'Acosta seleccionan sus recomendaciones. Son veinte piezas que nos ayudan a pasearnos con más seguridad por los pasillos de los pabellones 7 y 9 de Ifema.
ARCO 2016
FEB 3 2016 - Miquel Mont
Art sequana: Dé-Faire LA PEINTURE
 Miquel mont  participa en la exposiciòn colectiva en Le havre, "Dé-faire la peinture" junto con un coloquio

Art sequana: Dé-Faire LA PEINTURE
OCT 9 2015 - Samuil Stoyanov
Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015 by Open Arts Foundation and Sariev Contemporary
Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015 is the first overview of Bulgarian contemporary art at an international art fair. It consists of a thematic exhibition (curated by Iara Boubnova and Vessela Nozharova), of panel discussions and informal talks (curated by Dessislava Dimova), of historical comments on the context in the country, of quotations and explanations as well as of a publication (conceived by Boris Kostadinov).

Samuil Stoyanov's work at Focus Bulgaria is:

20 Billion Stars, 2012 Action, ceramic stars, photographs, plexiglas The present work "20 Billion Stars" is part of a series of similar boxes and uses as material photo-documentation and artefacts of action (of the same name) held by the artist for 30 days in the summer of 2011.
During the renovation of the central square of his home-town (Dobrich, Bulgaria) Samuil Stoyanov goes regularly to the work-site and casts ceramic stars from red clay in the still wet concrete. Inlaid and built up stars creates a new map of a universe, which, unfortunately, will probably remain undiscovered forever. The square named "Svoboda" (Freedom) has a total area of about 150,000 square meters, which are overlapped entirely. The funding of the reparation of "Freedom" Square is OPRD of the European Union and the action of the artist is made within the project "Art of Urban Intervention", which is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015
Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015      by Open Arts Foundation and Sariev Contemporary
JUN 26 2015 - Ana Roldán
Art in public space
Vlatka Horvat Ana Roldán AAA: Art Altstetten Albisrieden Art in public space Zurich 13 June ­ 13 September 2015Zurich Contemporary Art Weekend 13/14 June, 2015 from 11 AM - 5 PM

AAA: Art Altstetten Albisrieden Public space of Zurich Altstetten and Zurich Albisrieden AAA: Art Altstetten Albisrieden

will feature nearly 30 artists challenging theirselves with the questions of city development, neighbourhood history, aesthetic in public places and other themes rooted in the urban context. The artworks will be grouped in several geographical clusters that are Vulkanplatz/Lindenplatz, Flurstrasse/Zollfreilager, the heart of the Albisrieden village and the Eichbühl cemetery. Several satellite projects are also planned in the Zürich-West area. Curators: Christoph Doswald, Bettina Burkhardt (project direction) Special events: Jun 12, 5pm - 9pm, opening

  • Open: Saturday, 13 June 2015
  • Close: Sunday, 13 September 2015
  • Address: Public space of Zurich Altstetten and Zurich Albisrieden
  • Web:
  • Admission: Free
  • Transport: Vulkanplatz, Bahnhof Altstetten

Art in public space
Como Tizón Quemado, CGAC, Centro Galego de arte contempóranea
Comisario/a: Alberto Carton Artista: Christian García Bello 6 marzo - 14 junio 2015

Como tizón quemado
es una agilización del proceso creativo de Christian García Bello (A Coruña, 1986) hacia la rotundidad contenida del gesto, y hacia la severidad a ultranza de un carácter en evasión concreta y ciertamente radical. Esta evasión es fidelidad hacia uno mismo, hallazgo de lo temporal que tiende y se estratifica hacia lo superior; y es atributo de la individualidad trascendente que, además de la integridad que se le exige, es también producto de la inflexión de la reflexión y su conversión en objet la materialidad tridimensional, no equívoca y, menos aun, derivativa y desinencial, en la cual refugiarse, hallarse,  y refundarse. La complexión no banal de la instalación site-specific establece una unidad lógica con el espacio (vacío, luz y ciertas perspectivas aparentes) que particulariza el medio envolvente, y lo torsiona en una sucesión de tensiones verticales y horizontales reivindicativas de una geometría pura y razonada. Y la utilización de la madera, del grafito, de la cuerda, texturiza esa armazón primaria, insistente y focal, afirmación de lo inviolable del hombre y de su unicidad sustantiva.
Como Tizón Quemado, CGAC, Centro Galego de arte contempóranea
JUN 2 2015 - Miquel Mont
the new york times . FORMATOCOMODO
 the new york times . FORMATOCOMODO
JUN 2 2015 - Justin Thompson
American Academy of Rome
Justin Thompson -4_May 26th, American Academy of Rome, Rome, Italy curated by Lyle Ashton Harris , Robert Storr and Peter Benson Miller Nero su Bianco is a wonderful group show that I am honored to be a part of.  I will present a new work called Loquens de Fluminibus. My piece draws upon an interview I did with Terry Adkins in 2010 and is a sculptural sound work and film.
American Academy of Rome
ABR 14 2015 - Justin Thompson
Justin Randolph Thompson en Itinerarios. Fundación Botín

Itinerarios is a yearly event which presents work by awardees of the Botín Foundation"s Visual Arts Grants. Year after year, it acts as a thermometer gauging the current state of the art world and it also provides a snapshot of its predominant trends.

Itinerarios XXI features works produced in 2013-2014 by nine artists: Carles Congost (Gerona, 1970), Albert Corbí (Valencia, 1976), Patricia Esquivias (Caracas, 1979), Jon Mikel Euba (Vizcaya, 1967), Rodrigo Oliveira (Portugal, 1978), Wilfredo Prieto (Cuba, 1978); Julia Spínola (Madrid, 1979), Justin Randolph Thompson (Peekskill, NY, 1979) and Jorge Yeregui (Santander, 1975).

his year"s event explores the idea of the work of art as a medium to help viewers visualize processes. Over the last few decades the idea that the relevance of an artistic process, above and beyond its exhibition, is contained in the various stages of the project and its production, as opposed to the traditional concept of finished artworks ready to be accepted and consumed, has gained strength.

Using installations, documents, images, videos and relics, the artists of Itinerarios XXI exhibit the traces of their personal research processes to create a unique and though-provoking space for visitors.

Justin Randolph Thompson en Itinerarios. Fundación Botín
FEB 6 2015 - Miquel Mont
Miquel Mont, Nunca es suficiente 13/02/2015 - 25/04/2015
 Miquel Mont, Nunca es suficiente
13/02/2015 - 25/04/2015

Opening: 12/02/2015, 7 p.m. 13/02 - 25/04/2015 Monographic show of Miquel Mont, an artist born in Barcelona who lives and works in Paris for over two decades. In his work, Mont seeks the most essential part of painting.

The exhibition brings together some of the latest production of this artist, with works made between 2007 and 2014 and is divided into four areas, which correspond to the four series presented: Cooperaciones, Lapsus, Mono-Tonos and Ideological Collages.
 Miquel Mont, Nunca es suficiente 13/02/2015 - 25/04/2015
ENE 27 2015 - Guillermo Mora
9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
Guillermo Mora participa en :
9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
Comisariada por Gloria Picazo
Inauguración: 31 de enero a las 12h.

Artistas: Eva Fàbregas, Marco Godoy, Andrés Jaque, Mercedes Mangrané, Guillermo Mora, Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa, Teresa Solar, Julia Spínola, Àlex Trochut + Xavier Mañosa, Antònia del Río, Mauro Vallejo i Verónica Vicente.

Imagen --Dos casi cuatro, 2014 / 40 kg. de pintura acrílica sujeta por gomas elásticas / 56 x 25 x 46 cm.

Centre d’Art La Panera
Pl. de la Panera 2, 25002 - Lérida
9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
ENE 27 2015 - Teresa Solar Abboud
9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
Teresa Solar Abboud  participa en :
9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
Comisariada por Gloria Picazo
Inauguración: 31 de enero a las 12h.

Artistas: Eva Fàbregas, Marco Godoy, Andrés Jaque, Mercedes Mangrané, Guillermo Mora, Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa, Teresa Solar, Julia Spínola, Àlex Trochut + Xavier Mañosa, Antònia del Río, Mauro Vallejo i Verónica Vicente.

Centre d’Art La Panera
Pl. de la Panera 2, 25002 - Lérida
 9ª Biennal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol
ENE 26 2015 - Ana Roldán
Take Position: Bodies and Plants
Exhibition  Ana Roldán-- Bodies and Plants--
Cordial invitation to opening at the galerie annex14 in Zurich

Ana Roldan 'Take Position: Bodies and Plants' Opening: 29. January 2015, 18:00-20:00 Exhibition: 30. January - 7. March We. - Fr. 12:00-18:00 / Sa. 12:00-16:00   Galerie annex14, Hardstr. 245, 8005 Zurich
Take Position: Bodies and Plants
DIC 12 2014 - Samuil Stoyanov
PREHOD for Sale
Samuil Stoyanov participa en la exposición colectiva .Prehod for sale , Comisariada por Iara Boubnova.

Artists: Anton Terziev, Alexander Kiossev, Alla Georgieva, Boryana Rossa, Vito Valentinov, Dimitar Dilkov, Dimitar Solakov, Zoran Georgiev, Ivan Moudov, Iskra Blagoeva, Kalina Dimitrova, Kalin Serapionov, Kamen Stoyanov, Kiril Prashkov, Krassimir Terziev, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Mariela Gemisheva, Nedko Solakov, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Rada Boukova, Samuil Stoyanov, Svetla Gradanska, Zara Alexandrova, Stefan Nikolaev
PREHOD for Sale
NOV 20 2014 - Omar Mahfoudi
NOV 1 2014 - Ana Roldán
ANA Roldán. Site-specific work for Swiss Re
ANA Roldán. Site-specific work for Swiss Re
RICK-LIFE.MDF, lacquer 92 x38 x40 cm
You are resting on the foundations of the company’s business − life and risk − while resting on an art piece that allows you to look at great works by Tatsuo Miyajima and Olafur Eliasson.

Two shiny lacquered chairs, one black, one white, face the glass fronted alcoves that look onto the central lift shaft of our Zurich headquarters. Commissioned especially for the space (to mark our 150th anniversary in 2013), the back frame of each chair incorporates a four letter word. One reads RISK, the other LIFE, reflecting our core business. Therefore, for the audience, ie our employees, Roldán chose a form that is double coded. As chairs, her work can be easily used: “You are resting on the foundations of the company’s business − life and risk − while resting on an art piece that allows you to look at great works by Tatsuo Miyajima and Olafur Eliasson. I wanted to invite people to sit in these specific balconies to contemplate the art pieces”. “Of course”, says Ana Roldán, “there are more complex ways to read the piece. While sitting on it, you can’t see it while you perceive other art pieces. Its visual disappearance is the condition of art contemplation.” It is a sculpture that pretends to be a chair, whose backrest is a sculpture of a word written in a typography Roldán developed.
ANA Roldán. Site-specific work for Swiss Re
OCT 14 2014 - Teresa Solar Abboud
OCT 10 2014

Exposición colectiva comisariada por Laura Sánchez Serrano con los artistas: The Chapuisat Brothers, Jonas Etter, Folke Köbberling, Florian Lechner, Boris Maximowitz, Michael Schrattenthaler, Hisae Ikenaga y Nicolás Combarro.
La exposición consiste en intervenciones in situ en lo que fue un antiguo cuartel militar y que desde hace unos años es ocupado por colectivos artísticos de diversas disciplinas. El Kreativ-quartier pretende ser en unos años un lugar rehabilitado para que viviendas y laboratorios artísticos convivan.

OCT 7 2014 - Teresa Solar Abboud
Foreign Office by Michael McCanne Brooklyn Rail, Inc. Brooklyn, NY 11222
 Foreign Office by Michael McCanne	Brooklyn Rail, Inc. Brooklyn, NY 11222
MAY 23 2014 - Teresa Solar Abboud
From 13.06.2014 to 31.08.2014 at Matadero Madrid, inside the Nave 16,

will be shown the video All the things that are not there, 2013, by Teresa Solar Abboud.
 Official selection of PhotoEspaña 2014.
MAY 22 2014 - Justin Thompson
Thompson is a recipient of the 2013 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award
TIFFANY FOUNDATION 2013 BIENNIAL GRANTS The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation is pleased to announce $600,000 in awards to American contemporary artists. Established in 1918, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation remains one of the largest single sources of unrestricted monetary awards to artists. The present Biennial Competition, a format established in 1980, has over the years granted $8,534,000 in awards to 441 artists nationwide. The Foundation’s Biennial Competition represents its continued mission to honor its founder Louis Comfort Tiffany by enriching the growth and experimentation of artists with direct financial support. Angela Westwater, President of the Foundation, commented, “Our Trustees remain committed to supporting excellence in contemporary art, and in so doing commemorate our founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and his artistic legacy.”

2013 Biennial Competition Jury: Phong Bui, artist and publisher of The Brooklyn Rail Chrissie Iles, Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art Kathryn Kanjo, Chief Curator and Head of Curatorial, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Charles LeDray, artist John Perreault, curator, critic, artist, poet and founder of Artopia Cindy Sherman, artist Robert Storr, artist, critic, and Dean of the Yale University School of Art
Thompson is a recipient of the 2013 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award
MAY 21 2014 - Guillermo Mora
solo exhibition Nunca casi nunca a veces siempre,
Guillermo Mora presents the solo exhibition Nunca casi nunca a veces siempre, curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta.
21.05.2014 - 20.07.2014

solo exhibition Nunca casi nunca a veces siempre,
MAY 21 2014 - Teresa Solar Abboud
Video All the things that are not there
Teresa Solar Abboud will show her video All the things that are not there, 2013, at the Spanish Fresh Film, held at the KING JUAN CARLOS I OF SPAIN CENTER of New York. The projection will take place the 14 th of may at 7.00PM!spanish-fresh-films/c1sxi

Video All the things that are not there
MAR 13 2014 - Guillermo Mora
Eight extraordinary spatial questions.
Mora rebels against the tyranny of painting’s vertical plane and reinstalls it in the horizontal and transverse. At the same time, this new representation produces another novelty: from liquid to solid, from disconnected letters with which the artist builds a discourse, to a story completed in one fell swoop, done in one stroke, proving that the medium is reinvented, that painting always has something new to say in the artist’s expression. From small scale to the largest, with no apparent inbetween, gigantism is part of Mora’s new work, introducing architecture as the third element that joins painting and sculpture, and in which the building that houses this exhibition takes on special relevance. The artist goes on to describe: “Given that my idea to raise a plane of paint off of the floor and make it float is impossible (simply due to the law of gravity), this should be secured in some way by the architecture that surrounds it. And if it were the architecture of the space itself that contained the work? In the same way that I have been working for years with different systems that contain paint, this new project will use the architecture not only as a container but also as an activator of the piece. The walls and columns of Tabacalera can contain the plane of paint, secure it. In the same way that the wall has always supported painting, the architecture will give me the chance to be able to support a pictorial plane. Embed it within, forcefully boxing it in, the plane of paint can be supported and contained in the space and give it a sense of active exhibition.” The artist is fascinated by the perception and comprehension of painting, to the point of taking it to the limits of its context, converting it not into medium but into the message itself, into essence of expression, into something so literal that it takes on an extraordinary physical force, almost paranormal, forming part of the exhibit halls of Tabacalera.
Eight extraordinary spatial questions.
NOV 23 2013 - Guillermo Mora
Guillermo Mora, of the Formato Cómodo Gallery, wins the AUDEMARS PIGUET Award to produce a work of art at ARCOmadrid 2014
Paris, 19 November 2013.- Guillermo Mora (Alcalá de Henares, 1980), the artist nominated by the gallery Formato Cómodo, has won the Audemars Piguet prize to produce a work of art to be shown in the Audemars Piguet space of the VIP Lounge during ARCOmadrid 2014, which will be held from 19 to 23 February.

The jury was formed by Octavio García, artistic director of Audemars Piguet; Ángeles González Sinde, creator and former Minister of Culture; Soledad Lorenzo, gallery owner; Marga Paz, director of the Museo Reina Sofía Friends Association; Laura Revuelta, editor in chief of ABC Cultural; and Carlos Urroz, director of ARCOmadrid. They were keen to emphasise the great quality of the nearly 50 projects submitted by galleries and artists from around the world.
In the end, the prize, which consists of €15,000 to produce the work, was won by the project "cr_O_ma", by Madrid artist Guillermo Mora. The jury highlighted "the piece's investigation of colour, painting and sculpture, resulting in a new line of work in the promising career of this young artist". In the same way, it maintained the spirit of the brand's message: "There are exceptions to every rule".

Guillermo Mora
With a degree in Fine Arts from the UCM, he finished university with the First National Four-Year Degree Prize. In 2006 he received a scholarship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA) with the support of the BANCAJA Foundation, and he later obtained a postgraduate scholarship from the La Caixa Foundation. Noteworthy among his prizes and grants are the 2013 Caja Madrid Generation Prize, the Spain Academy in Rome Scholarship (2010-2011), a Visual Arts Production Grant from the Community of Madrid and an Honourable Mention in the 10th ABC Art Prize. His work has been shown at MACUF, the Elgiz Museum (Istanbul) and La Casa Encendida and at fairs such as ARCO, MACO and FRIEZE, and will shortly be exhibited at the ICA in London. He is represented by the galleries Formato Cómodo (Madrid) and Casa Triângulo (Sao Paulo).
Guillermo Mora, of the Formato Cómodo Gallery, wins the AUDEMARS PIGUET Award to produce a work of art at ARCOmadrid 2014
NOV 22 2013 - Carrasco & Mateos
The Best Photobooks of the Year: Martin Parr takes his pick

By Nuria Carrasco, Self-published

Another zine which echoes a magazine format, this time Hello! magazine. The subject is the struggle for the liberation of three generations of refugees in the Sahara desert. So we are invited to go in[side] various tents, meet families etc, all in the style of Hello!. This, together with some brilliant pastiche ads, makes one the best photographic statements of the year.
The Best Photobooks of the Year: Martin Parr takes his pick
NOV 16 2013 - Guillermo Mora
Painting ideas. Curated by David Barro

Curated by David Barro
Opening: 14th november, 20 h.

Artists: Miren Doiz, Jerónimo Elespe, Philipp Fröhlich, Santiago Giralda, Laura González Cabrera, Guillermo Mora & Alain Urrutia.vv
Painting ideas.  Curated by David Barro
SEP 22 2013 - Samuil Stoyanov
5th Moscow Biennale
The Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art will be held from 19 September-20 October 2013 at Manege in Moscow.

5th Moscow Biennale "Bolshe Sveta / More Light"
20 September - 20 October 2013 (opening Sept. 19)

Venue: Manege exhibition hall, Moscow
Curator: Catherine de Zegher
5th Moscow Biennale
JUL 22 2013 - Justin Thompson
sculpture Brutus Jones
Thompson is a 2013 Emerging Artist Fellow at Socrates Sculpture Park where he will be creating the monumental sculpture Brutus Jones in residence this July. The exhibition of new fellows opens September 8th and Thompson will be doing a performance.
JUL 4 2013 - Guillermo Mora
04.07.2013 - 13.10.2013 ELGIZ 13 Una nueva selección de la colección Elgiz se mostrará en el área de exposiciones temporales del museo

A new selection from the Elgiz Collection will be displayed in the changing exhibition area of the museum. The title ‘13’ represents the 13 years of the Elgiz Museum as well as the year 2013. Newly acquired artworks will be shown including paintings, sculptures and video installations. Some of the artists whose works can be viewed at the exhibition are Julian Opie, Tony Cragg, Guillermo Mora, Aimée Zito Lema, Ray Harris, Veljko Zejak, Giuseppe Belvedere, Alexander Liberman.

04.07.2013 - 13.10.2013     ELGIZ 13  Una nueva selección de la colección Elgiz se mostrará en el área de exposiciones temporales del museo
JUN 17 2013 - Teresa Solar Abboud
All the things that are not there
“All the things that are not there” is an audiovisual project based on the work of an American engineer called Harold Edgerton. Edgerton is the inventor of the strobe light, the underwater photography and the camera used to record the first developments of the atomic bombs.
The work is based on recordings of a road trip through the USA visiting different spaces related to Edgerton. As the entrance to these places are forbidden in most of the cases, the work has been completed with fictional reconstructions of themselves.

Color, sound. 40 mint.
All the things that are not there
MAY 1 2013 - Carrasco & Mateos
On 9 May, the gallery presents FORMATO magazine! AHLAN! by artist Nuria Carrasco. The title is the translation Saharawi "Hello" and the publication is a fake of famous celebrity magazine which holds that header.

ABR 25 2013 - Guillermo Mora
HOLDING THE LINEMeeting with Guillermo Mora & Pía CamilThe main purpose of this meeting is to present the methodolical system used by Pia Camil and Guillermo Mora for the development of the installation No A Trio A, a system based on the previous creation of several maps of images that help to generate formal, symbolic and conceptual relations for the development of a project.La Casa EncendidaRoom 2026:30 - 7:30 pm. Presentation of the project No A Trio A7:30 - 8:00 pm. Debate
ABR 19 2013 - Samuil Stoyanov
Samuil Stoyanov at Sofia Contemporary 2013:
10 min National Museum of Natural History

a project by Samuil Stoyanov

Samuil Stoyanov's site-specific space portraits series started with the Geocidite building in Belgrade where the 53rd October Salon took place in 2012. To study these modernist spaces of display and presentation, the artist first destabilizes the light, the fixed element of every space as such. Through these portraits every building he interacts with becomes a part of Stoyanov's artistic cosmos. In a gesture of hurling a light bulb above his head making the largest possible circle, Stoyanov, in his own words, makes reference to the movement of the space objects in the universe. Here the figure of the artist appears not only as a pseudo-scientist conducting inventive experiments but also as a black hole holding all the centrifugal movement in an orbit around him. The artist chose the Natural Museum of History in Sofia for the venue of his first-time such experiment in Bulgaria of a site-specific portrait as museum is a classic display place for geological history.

Where: National Museum of Natural History

When: 19 April – 12 May, 10am-6pm

1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Samuil Stoyanov at Sofia Contemporary 2013:
MAR 12 2013 - Maruchy León
MAR 2 2013 - Guillermo Mora

[prácticas pictóricas actuales... más allá de la Pintura o más acá]
Curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo
Opening 1st march 8:30 pm.

The first exhibition devoted to curatorial thesis proposal of the new artistic director of CAAM, take all the inside and outside museum space, receiving more than a dozen site-specific interventions in facades, patios, terraces and walls of the building, as well as relevant works on loan from more than ten private and institutional collections from Latin American pictorial context; territory where language and painting-as-art form has prevailed.

ON PAINTING is an ambitious exhibition project and reflection in which the painting is conceived, rather than as a genre of art, as a methodology, as a language.

The project will be accompanied by a theoretical event. Moreover, the CAAM will edit a publication with contributions of guest figures such as Barry Schwabsky, Kevin Power, Octavio Zaya and Omar-Pascual Castillo.

ENE 20 2013 - Teresa Solar Abboud
07.02.2013 - 05.05.2013
Opening 7th february 8:00 pm.

Winner artists:

Elena Alonso, La Tapadera
Irene de Andrés,Festival club
Manuel Eirís
Santiago Giralda, Rendering Landscapes
Juan López,castiga el pladur
Asunción Molinos
Guillermo Mora,Pentapack
Teresa Solar, Doble mordido
Julia Spinola,Frase(Objeto)
Martín Vitaliti, #17
ENE 11 2013 - Guillermo Mora
Estanyera 2 - 07150 Andratx, Mallorca - España
DIC 8 2012 - Hisae Ikenaga
Do in the everyday life

Madrid based half Mexican and half Japanese artist,  presents
processed industrial made objects to create contradictions in their functions.
She has a constant will of transformation to point out the processes in the materials.
In some of the works she propose the use of ¨global objects¨, objects purchased in world
wide chain stores, to manipulate, arrange their parts in different ways and create new
opinions about everyday life circumstances. The instruction manuals of these objects are
also used to open new windows to see transformations on paper
Do in the everyday life
DIC 5 2012 - Ana Roldán
Ana Roldán exposure participates in Act One
Tamayo Museum. Mexico df. Curated by Andrea Torreblanca.

31/08/2012 First Act takes as its starting point the time to raise the curtain on the reopening ceremony. First Actopretende, through the social and political aspects of the event, questioning the role of the museum in relation alespectador, artwork, space and criticism. By employing rhetorical elements own lapintura history and theatrical, like the mirror and the curtain is intended to reflect the link between the expectations created before any act or statement and what is the moment of truth on these scenarios. Moreover, in several works criticizing and questioning the institution as a system that exerts its power over public opinion in defining specific structures of understanding and interpretation of art.

The exhibition involved the following artists: Mark Benson, Stefan Brüggemann, Andre Cadere, Mariana Castillo-Deball, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Ceal Floyer, Lucio Fontana, Andrea Fraser, Douglas Gordon, Jonathan Hernandez, Adad Hannah, Fritzia Irizar, Adriana Lara, Natalia Martinez, Nils Nova, Goran Petercol, Wilfredo Prieto, Ana Roldán, and Pablo Vargas Lugo SUPERFLEX. Exhibition curated by Andrea Torreblanca, Associate Curator at the Museo Tamayo.

Ana Roldán exposure participates in Act One
OCT 20 2012 - Guillermo Mora
Noestudio presents Sean Edwards, L. Marcellvs And Guillermo Mora.
Curated by Tiago Pinto de Abreu

This exhibition has emerged from dialogues-both oral and written, developed in 2012 - which were built artistasy distance between the commissioner. Only one of his works, Robe (2011) of Marcellvs L., alproyecto previously existed and the engine is noisy Noestudio.Cada estaexposición in one of the dialogues was recorded for crearuna digital memory plus memory naturalde participants because humanoscambian memories constantly in subtle ways. "Recently, neurophysiological studies handemostrado that whenever realizasinapsis alters brain, which appears to confirm that lines nohay permanently fixed in the brain." Laesencia same memory is subjective and not unasimple mechanical reproduction. In fact, the mundoque see, hear, feel, are inventions denuestro brain. "Colors do not exist as such, are only human inventions" 2. Rosenfield conIsrael conversation about laexposición works and new studies cerebroy memory. The first point of contact between lasobras color is vibration that is emitted porellas. In the specific case of the work Robe (2011) there is a movement generation tireless denuevos colors. The video, filled with a fisicidadescultórica, presented in a decontextualized, a fishing net in the port of Reykjavik (Iceland), being collected from a boat after demeses at sea. Sean Edwards works yGuillermo Mora were nourished from a cross between the presence of pre-existing laexposición this engine, the dialogue between them and lascaracterísticas space. Guillermo has colgadoen the roof between you and me (2012) 2. Work done withthe help of the Ministry of Education, Culture yDeporte., A long line of racks enroscadoscreando an abstract body espacioinestable scanning the top, while the work of Sean dael rate exposure models making each objects arranged on the shelf that bisecaa Noestudio, make a nod to the oral dialogues with participants yescritos maintained.

The obrasjuegan with gravity and its relation to the notion of equilibrium suelodesestabilizando of obrasy / or viewer. The meeting suamplitud understood, is the raw material of the three artists and armed to the meeting elescenario ofreceformas not fixed, immutable or fosilizadas.Las works microcosm in themselves, together creanuna platform that serves as a source of nutrition alespectador; mechanisms tireless continúanbuscando, building and producing within one decade of us feel uncomfortable quees inability to fully understand larealidad. The future publication and this exposicióntienen the aim of bringing the viewer and their obras.1 losartistas. - Conversation with Israel Rosenfield about works dela exposure and further studies on the brain and memoria.2. - Constructed using the help the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.
Noestudio presents Sean Edwards, L. Marcellvs And Guillermo Mora.
SEP 14 2012 - Teresa Solar Abboud
ICEBERG. The context as starting point
In this work different photographs taken by tourists at Los Gigantes beach, in Tenerife, are projected. The portaits of the tourists remain focused on the small screen, while the seascape, stays unfocused in the back.

The context is developed through a succession of actions occurring in a given space and time. The result is something unique and unrepeatable.
ICEBERG #1 is a project that has been developed through an exhibition accompanied by a publication, which seeks to propose a reflection on the current context of Madrid through the work of 17 artists, who share a space and time.
ICEBERG #1 has been conceived as a starting point from which to begin a critical dialogue.
It plays with the characteristics of an iceberg as something that is constantly moving whilst only having a small part of its total volume visible. This project aims to bring together fragments of artistic practices in Madrid, where diverse characteristics are generated within similar circumstances. An iceberg is also impossible to map, as is the overall art scene of the city.
This project is not intended to define the art scene through a selection of artists, but only to think about the foundations of our current context. The artists in this show have been brought together in the interest of focusing on diverse points of action that converge into the same panorama and to highlight the links and connections in the work of:  Julio Adán, Elena Alonso, Irene de Andrés, Ignacio Bautista, Ignacio Chávarri, José Díaz, Carlos Fernández-Pello, Theo Firmo, Cristina Garrido, Karlos Gil, Cristina Llanos, Almudena Lobera, Nacho Martín Silva, Alfredo Rodríguez, Teresa Solar, Luis Vassallo and Françoise Vanneraud that produce the aforementioned context.
ICEBERG. The context as starting point
SEP 10 2012 - Ana Roldán
'Black mirror', the new work of Ana Roldán
Ana Roldán (Mexico City 1977) opens its first exhibition in Spain in the gallery FORMATOCOMODO under "black mirror" add works as, "Different Orders" (2012) "Form and Functions" (2011) among others. Currently involved in the show "First Act" at the Museo Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City and Surplus Authors Falke Pisano writte de With in Rotterdam.
'Black mirror', the new work of Ana Roldán
JUL 5 2012 - Guillermo Mora
'Make Failure'
Curated by Daniel Cerrejón, Inéditos winning project.

The exhibition is centered around the practices of artists who have sought the failure of an active form. The exhibition presents a multifaceted view by artists of different generations and backgrounds with a vital relationship with Spain.

Works by: Wilfredo Prieto, Guillermo Mora, David Bestué, Fermin Jimenez Landa, Ignacio Uriarte, Jaime Pitarch, Chus Cortina, Carla Farren, Raul Gomez Valverde, July Falagán, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina.

The jury this year was composed of D. Alessio Antoniolli, Director Triangle Network & Gasworks, Ms. Katya García-Antón, curator of the Spain Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and Ms. Carolina Grau, independent curator.

The Burning House

Round Valencia 2 - 28012 Madrid
'Make Failure'
MAY 12 2012 - Joaquín del Palacio Kindel

Opening Tuesday June 5 at 20 h, 2012.

Kindel Joaquin Palace (Madrid 1905) considered photography as the result of the artist's eye that fired his machine when he saw something he liked, he was more interested in the light of the image photographed scenes themselves.
"It's a matter of looking and shoot when you like something so special, no more mystery. Light is very important, as in painting. The technique is the least "
Kindel offers in secret that which does not display and offers us a secret hidden beauty and wondrous than anyone knows and stays in adversity.

Self-taught photographer, rejection join any group, but was unrelated as magazine photographer in the fifties architecture with cutting-edge architects. After the Civil War began his professional photography work in Devastated Regions, then went to work for the Department of Tourism.

In this exhibition included in the festival PHOTOESPAÑA Off 2012 "popular debugging" present a randomly selected photographs of large file that is the legacy of Kindel. His work was defined as Alejandro de la Sota: ... "The popular debugging exornación stripped of all vulgar, is a mine of discoveries and surprises."
DIC 15 2011 - Guillermo Mora
Subir para bajar, Guillermo Mora, El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid, 2011
Matadero Madrid
Nave 16
Paseo de la Chopera 14 - 28045 Madrid

El Ranchito is a research-formatted cultural project, sponsored by Matadero Madrid and  supported by other artistic professionals in the city.  It is comprised by a section dedicated to reflection, a residency and scholarship program, a section for public presentation and a satellite activity program.

From November to April, El Ranchito will organize a public presentation- an expository phase that will allow the public to take a look at the research done up until now.  The presentation will be housed in Nave 16 at Matadero Madrid, a 4,800 sq. meter space where the guest artists and collectives will display their work: the process used and the final results.  This is a great collection and an even greater chance to get to know El Ranchito.
MAR 18 2011 - Hisae Ikenaga
SISTEMA METRICO. From 18 of march to 22 of may
The project reflects on how common it has become to read or hear references to sports playing fields for measuring large surface areas in the mass media. But what are the real dimensions of a football pitch? Different people use their own methods to measure surfaces: they make reference to everyday objects that maintain no relation with the established decimal metric system.  This time, Ikenaga measures the area, the perimeter, the height and the volume of the Abierto X Obras space, using a football pitch, a person, a pile of furniture and smoke machines as references, so that one might appreciate the magnitude of private space surrounding us.

From 18 of march
to 22 of may

SISTEMA METRICO. From 18 of march to 22 of may