Past exhibition
Miquel Mont
Erased, Recoloured Wishes
September 9 - November , 2021
Press release

Erased, Recoloured Wishes

Erased, Recoloured Wishes is a series of paintings produced on product packaging. The slow nature of creating these paintings involved patience as well as manual labour: the packaging was previously sanded to neutralise the original satin surface, then bleached with successive layers of gouache before being completely or partially repainted into their final composition. Particular attention was paid to the proportions of the packaging and the die-cut design of the cardboard. Colours and tones are combined on different planes, depending on the volume of the object. The texture of the gouache gives a glimpse of the multiple layers applied as well as the structure of the brushstrokes, cohabiting with the luminous intensity of the colour.
The paintings and collages show abstract compositions of many kinds, like re-appropriated ready-mades, deployed in two dimensions, or affirming themselves in their three dimensions as erased, bleached and subjectively recoloured merchandise. This may be a way of closing the cycle of contradictions and situations we live under, between complicity and resistance.